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Currently the wait list is 2.5-3months.  

Why so long?

See below

Whys the wait so long?"

  • We are proud to have a wait list considered lengthily! We have one of the best, most unique products and some of the most viral custom work out there. We have earned a long list of clients, repeat business and new customers daily that we have worked a long time to get. So our wait time has increased as our exposure continues to grow.

  • We have orders that are placed via multiple avenues; here, ebay, amazon, artfire, etc.. Including private orders placed directly via messaging systems like the Facebook and Instagram DMs or in person here in Maryland. We have to account for and include all these orders into the same estimated wait time as accurately as possible. This takes time. 

  • WE ARE NOT ROBOTS OR MACHINES. There is no factory pumping these crazy kicks out 10 at a time. They are hand-painted painstakingly and very tediously by ONE artist, Sierato. This takes time to attempt artistic perfection on each pair. We make videos and imagery that tends to make this all look much easier then it really is. However, do not be mistaken! What you don't see is that 1 minute Instagram video or 10 minute YouTube is really sometimes 10-20 hours of work condensed. Rushing your artist is a NO NO. It will only lead to rushed mistakes. Let him create in peace one time, correctly and you'll get a product that will last a whole lot longer then you waited!   

"I really need my shoes done by _______. Can you rush my order?"

  • Sure we can. (ONLY SPECIFIC ITEMS ONLY...SEE YOUR ITEMS LISTING TO CHECK) For a hefty price.... Unfortunately you are not special. Many people ask this question and you all receive the same answer. I will rush your order to within one week if you pay twice the amount we original discussed (Or you click the rush fee option when ordering directly front the website). "Dang...that's a lot...why so much?" Because you are attempting to skip the line of people who came before you and are patiently waiting. I can move things around to accommodate every one but it is not easy or cheap. Be prepared and order in advance or have deep pockets.  

"How about International Orders?"

  • We ship literally everywhere a plane will land. The wait list for creation is the same. 2.5-3 Months. Then you will have to wait 1 week approx. for your product to arrive after being shipped. This takes longer due to the greater distance the package must travel and to include for any customs checks it may go through. I return for your willingness to wait a little longer, we declare your items value at $50 or lower, yet insure it for the full amount. This ensures you don't pay too much in customs fees on your end. Our thanks to you!