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The FAQ's For Some Shoes...

Q. What is the status of my custom sneaker order?

A. Please send an email to us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

However in general the easy answer is your kicks aren't done yet. This is

because there are really only 2 status for custom sneakers: completed or not done.

   Please wait the entire wait time (Current times listed on the "Wait Time" page) before inquiring if you can and trust our process! If they are done we will gladly give you your estimated shipping date! :)


Q. Are your sneakers 100% Authentic?

A. ABSOLUTELY! Never would we ever sell or customize fakes. All shoes are purchased with receipts from retail locations (Foot Locker, Champs, etc..) or our trusted consignment supplier Foam City.  


Q. Is the shoe included in the price? Or do I have to send in my own shoe?

A. ALL website listings include the base shoe needed to produce the final custom piece shown. Simply, If the listing lets you select your shoe size, it includes the base shoe.


Q. What if I want to order something not offered?

A. Our artist is massively talented and has created for many celebrities and

others of note. He can surely create almost anything for you. If the design you want is not already listed on the site, you must consult our "How To Get A Price..." page in the "Other Questions" menu option. You'll find all the details needed to proceed and create your 1 of 1 commission. Have your budget in mind already. One offs demand more work, time, and effort are not cheap!


Q. I saw a custom shoe you did a while ago and want the same thing done, but I don't see it on the site. Can you do that design again?

A. Sure can. Unless the item specifically says "Never to be recreated". This will apply for most 1 of 1's so if you want that design you'll have to settle for something similar yet slightly different. 


Q. I saw a custom someone else did and I want the same thing done. Can you help me?

A. Our artist will never duplicate another artists work. Us respectable customizers all work for a living and don't bite each other, nor steal each others swag. If you do you wont last long! However we will do our best to help you come up with something that will work for you.


Q. I just want some "Dirty Breds" (or just the midsole painted on my kicks for the layman).  Can you help me?

A. Sure, we do have a $100 minimum so all prices will start there for even the smallest of jobs. So send an email our way and lets discuss it. 


Q. How long until I receive my custom shoes?

A. Current wait List is 1 Months , if a backlog occurs you will be

notified and given your new shipping time frame.


Q. How durable are your custom kicks? Is there some sort of guarantee?

A. Wearable art has its limits, just like hanging works of art. My custom kicks are intended for light everyday, casual wear, not rough athletic wear. DON'T HOOP IN EM! With proper care custom kicks can last indefinitely. My customs use water proof and flexible leather paints from my sponsor Angelus Direct and various other airbrush

paints. They are finished with protective varnishes and will resist light wear.

However scraping or rough wear will inevitably break down clear coats and compromise the art. Even dyed soles will wear down eventually to reveal the original sole color, rubber is non-absorbent, it is not a sponge or a fabric, rubber is non-porous and it is tinted on the surface when dyed. not throughout like a piece of cloth being dyed. The sides of your dyed soles will last indefinitely, and with care so will the bottoms. Keep in mind the larger of a person you are, the more care is needed when walking on concrete and rough surfaces, your soles will wear down faster due to gravity and physics. Wear with care! Protect your investment so our product can continue to elevate your footwear lifestyle.


Q. Can I pay extra to speed up my custom sneaker order?

A. Sure you can pay 2 times the list price for expedited completion. Why? 

Because you are asking to cut a whole bunch of people who are waiting in a paid line and at least 1 or 2 people are going to be affected by our artist skipping to your order. The additional price is just about enough to cover some damage control. Special treatment costs!


Q. What shipping method do you use?

A. I ship USPS 2 day priority service. All orders have tracking, and all orders over $500 will include extra insurance.


Q. Why was my order refunded?

A. I have my reasons. I reserve the right to cancel any order that smells fishy.


Q. I was refunded and paid with a card, but I do not see my money, where is it?

A. Ask PayPal.


Q. Can I return Sale Section items?

A. Absolutely not. All sales are final on sales items. Make sure you actually read before you buy!





Q. Do you have a customer service number?

A. Yes. Text only (4438400201). Make sure to read the contact instructions before hand. If you would like a call back by a representative, please request so in your text or email.


Q. Im in Germany, can I still order?

A. Of course! We deliver as quickly as possible anywhere a plane will go! Have no fear. Read our "Terms & Conditions" page for international order info.


Q. What do I do if I read everything so far and still don't see the answer to my question?

A. Send your specific question in an email/text and we will gladly

assist you! :)