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9 times out of 10. There are no returns accepted. 

However, should you find yourself in the rare situation where we have made a mistake, we will certainly correct it for you. That normally requires a return of your item. 

Here's how that works...


"Am I Allowed To Return This Item?"

  • If it is a custom handmade sneaker, absolutely not. No refunds will be given after 24 hours as all base shoes are customized specifically for you and cannot be returned to our suppliers once the process has begun. You ordered it, so you got it. There is no changing your mind. The "Terms & Conditions" page was presented to you at the time of your order and were made aware of all details relating to custom work. 

  • If it is a non-custom item (say shoes from our consignment section, phone cases, incorrect T-shirt sizes, etc...) and you have received the completely incorrect item, email us a picture of the item you received so we can verify the mistake, and a shipping label will be sent to you for you to return the item to use free of charge via 2 day USPS service.  

"But I Received My Shoe/ Item & It Was Damaged?"

  • This never happens in %99 of cases. In fact it is so rare we would find it hard to believe, due to the many steps we take to prevent it. However shipping is done by an outside service and involves elements we can'not control. Therefore we can'not take any liability for shipping damage. We add multiple layers of protection to your items to prevent crushing, including double boxing. And to protect ourselves all items are inspected and photographed prior to shipping. 

  • We ship using USPS priority service with tracking and $200 of insurance provided. You can always request and pay additional fees to have a larger amount of insurance coverage. Simply email/text to do so. "Contact Us

  • If a return is necessary and agreed upon please return your item here 



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